Gülnur Ayda Üçok

This documentary study and the web site were authored by Gülnur Ayda Üçok. Ms. Üçok is Adile Ayda’s daughter and Sadri Maksudi Arsal’s granddaughter.

Born in Istanbul (1945) Gülnur Ayda Üçok started elementary school in Paris due to her mother’s academic studies. However, she graduated from Koca Ragıp Paşa Elementary School. After graduating from the Arnavutköy American College for Girls and the İstanbul University’s Faculty of Economics, she received her MS degree from London School of Economics. She worked for several government ministries. During her service at the Undersecretariat of Treasury she was posted as Financial Counsellor at the Turkish Embassy in London during 1987-1989. After her retirement, she worked for private financial institutions.

At present she is a founding partner and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Turkrating .