About this web site

This website aims:  to give a full survey of Sadri Maksudi Arsal’s intelectual legacy by presenting a large collection of his works as well as articles and books written on him. Although a significant number of books and hundreds of articles have been written on Sadri Maksudi Arsal, to this day the coverage of research on his experiences and accomplishments remains inadequate. We are hoping that this archive will draw the attention of academic circles and encourage and inspire further research. In this respect, we have prioritized the digital access of Sadri Maksudi Arsal’s work to all those interested, from all countries and all academic disciplines.

Coverage:  Sadri Maksudi Arsal has left a massive archive. You will find a number of unpublished photographs, unknown works and interesting documents in this website. Every one of his writings that could be reached was included. Even his articles published in Türk Yurdu in 1911 are presented in today’s Turkish to facilitate the reading of younger generations.

Sadri Maksudi is better known for his masterpiece books. Yet the speeches he made at different phases of his life cover fundamentally important information on his aspirations, thus better reflect his yearnings. We were able to include only a fraction of these speeches here. In addition to his speeches, his articles in daily papers not only enlighten us over the period’s problems, but provide a guideline to today’s current topics such as democracy and ideology.

Author: This website has been designed by Sadri Maksudi Arsal’s granddaughter Gülnur Üçok.  It was constructed collectively with the active contribution of a large group of participants to the project